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At Flokx, we're pioneering the future of goat farming by breeding 'superGoats'—healthier, stronger, and more productive.

GoatTech Advantage

Leverage DigitalTech and BioTech for a full stack goat solution


High Meat Yield
High Kidding Rate
High Milk Yield


Assured Quality
Assured Quantity
Ethically Sourced


100% Natural
Organic Feed
Lower Emissions
Who are we

We are passionate about all things Goat.

Building the Largest B2B Goat Brand in India

At FlokX, we are pioneering a new frontier in goat breeding, and trading with the singular goal of creating the ‘superGoat’. Driven by our passion for technological innovation, we are committed to harnessing cutting-edge solutions that redefine and empower goat agriculture in India. Join us in our quest to transform the agricultural landscape, where technology is not just a tool, but the key to unlocking unprecedented potential in the goat industry.

Goat Breeding

Goat Trading

Tech enabled Farm Management
Efficient Trading Platform Using Technology
Breeding Excellence For High Yield
Our Solutions

Building For the Goats of Bharat

25K + Goats Traded
Over 150 Acres Under Goat Farming
Pre-orders Worth 10 Crores Per Month
12+ States in India

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Bharat’s First G.O.A.T Revolution



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