Face identification for Goats

FlokX FaceID: Pioneering Goat Identification with Advanced AI

Welcome to the future of goat management with FlokX FaceID. Our innovative technology, designed to uniquely identify each goat, is set to transform the livestock industry, akin to Aadhar for us Indians.

The Problem Solved

Traditional identification methods like RFID tags and paint markings, prone to tampering and lacking universality, are outclassed by our secure, simple, and cost-effective FaceID solution.

Our Vision

FlokX is on a mission to revolutionize livestock management. With FaceID, we’re poised to establish a universal standard, ensuring the unique identity of each goat corresponds with its role in the ecosystem.

How It Works

Utilizing our extensive dataset of goat faces, FlokX FaceID employs proprietary deep learning models for precise, real-time identification, optimized for user-friendly operation even in low-connectivity areas.

Benefits and Market Potential

FaceID is set to streamline lending, insurance, and tracing processes in the goat industry, marking a significant advancement in trustworthy transactions and efficient management. It opens pathways to enhanced financial and healthcare services for livestock, heralding a new era in agritech.

Interested in learning more about the innovative technology behind FlokX FaceID or exploring partnership opportunities? We are always eager to collaborate and share insights into our cutting-edge deep learning models and how they can revolutionize goat identification and management. Whether you have a specific use case in mind or are curious about potential applications, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us to discover how we can work together to drive forward the future of agritech

World's largest Goat Face Dataset: Over 100000 Goat images Accracy of the Model: Over 92% *

Technology in Action

Bharat’s First G.O.A.T Revolution



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