Bengaluru Farm

Bengaluru Farm: A Sanctuary of Self-Sufficiency

Step into FlokX Bengaluru Farm, located in the lush fields of Channapatna, where innovation meets tradition on a grand scale. Over 50+ acres of fertile land, for the past 5 months, have been the nurturing ground for over 3000 goats, embodying our commitment to sustainable farming.

Synergy of Technology and Tradition

Situated amidst the technological heartlands of Bengaluru, our farm bridges the gap between Bharat and India. We bring the essence of rural husbandry to the forefront of urban tech and biotech spheres, crafting a symbiosis of traditional farming with the pulse of innovation. Here, goats graze on the frontier of progress.

The Island Experiment

Our Bengaluru Farm is home to the groundbreaking ‘Island Experiment’. We’re exploring the frontiers of autonomy in goat breeding, creating a controlled, self-sustaining ecosystem where goats thrive under meticulous biosecurity measures. This model farm is a testament to our vision of a future where agriculture is both independent and interdependent with local ecosystems.

Advancing Agritech

In Channapatna, every inch of land and every goat is part of a larger symphony of sustainability. We’re integrating smart farming technologies with traditional wisdom, ensuring each goat contributes to a cycle of continuous improvement and prosperity.

Strategically located within the dynamic consumption orbits of Bengaluru, our farm is a beacon of progressive farming practices. We harness the vicinity to these urban centers, tapping into vast consumer markets while innovating in sustainable livestock management. Join us as we redefine goat farming, creating models of excellence that inspire and lead the agri-tech revolution from the heart of South India.

Capacity: Over 3000 Goats Area: 50+ Acres Duration: 5 Months Location: Channapatna, Karnataka, India

Bharat’s First G.O.A.T Revolution



175 & 176, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Phase 4, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076