Goat Exchange

Standardizing the Supply Chain
“FlokX stands as a pioneering platform in Bharat, solving the longstanding issue of value determination in livestock trading. We’re not just a marketplace; we’re an institution setting new standards for how Goat is valued and traded.”

Challenges of Traditional Mandis (Goat Market Places)

Lack of standards.
Lack of transparency in quantity, quality and, pricing.
Multiple middle men with no real value add.
Distress sales.
Both parties experience delays and uncertainty in payments.
Transporting goats is inefficient and costly.
Lack of market information leads to poor trading decisions.
Trading processes are time-consuming and inefficient.
Exchange Overview
“FlokX doesn’t just facilitate trade; we revolutionize it. By connecting farmers directly with butchers, we streamline the supply chain, bringing efficiency and transparency to the forefront of livestock trading. Our platform empowers farmers to focus on rearing top-quality animals while butchers gain access to the best livestock to meet their needs, all with the convenience of technology.”

Farmers' Benefits

Direct connection to the best buyers nationwide, enhancing profit margins.
Assurance of higher prices per animal through a vast marketplace.
Transparent pricing that demystifies market rates.
Simplified logistics, reducing the need to visit multiple mandis.
FlokX manages the complexities of trade so farmers can focus on animal welfare.

Buyers' Benefits

Access to high-quality animals tailored to meet specific requirements.
Lower prices per animal due to a direct supply chain.
Advanced technology ensures fair dealings and quality assurance.
Guaranteed best quality animals selected through rigorous standards.
Transport logistics are managed by FlokX, ensuring timely and safe delivery.
Organizing the Supply Chain

Farmers enjoy higher prices per goat, transparent dealings, and financial support from FlokX.
Buyers receive quality goats at cheaper rates, efficient transport, and promised meat yield.
Both parties benefit from the absence of local arbitrage, standardized processes, and knowledge of the true value of each animal.

Bharat’s First G.O.A.T Revolution



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